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USB, Audio & Charging Cable Keeper

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Featuring a slim profile, this cable keeper can be mounted to the side of the desk, a wall, shelf, as well as anywhere you need to store / keep cables. Great for keeping your laptop cables from falling off your desk, or to just simply keep all your charging cables in one spot. Each cable slot has an opening size of 9mm (~3/8") making it compatible with most charging, USB and audio cables. Comes with (2) #6 1" screws.

Dimensions: 95mm/3.75"(W) x 20mm/0.8"(D) x 13.5mm/0.53"(H)

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 1 business day before shipping so these can be printed.

Pictures do not accurately reflect the size of this product!

*Cables not included*