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Replacement Bins for Stanley 014725 Professional Organizer

Replacement Bins for Stanley 014725 Professional Organizer

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These Replacement Bins will fit in a Stanley (Model 014725) Professional Organizer Bin. There are many different sizes available. We have all 3 different box sizes available (Small, Medium, and Large), and we even have these sizes with small dividers to further expand your organizers storage capacity! These are printed with PLA plastic and are more rigid than the standard compartments. These are great for people who need more smaller compartments or need to replace missing compartments.

Our bins are only compatible with the Stanley Shallow Depth Organizers. They will not fit in the Stanley Deep Organizers


Small Bins
Width:39mm (~1.5")
Length:54mm (~2.1")
Height:40mm (~1.5")

Medium Bins
Width:54mm (~2.1")
Length:79mm (~3.1")
Height:40mm (~1.5")

Large Bins
Width:79mm (~3.1")
Length:109mm (~4.3")
Height:40mm (~1.5")

Xtra Large Bins
Width:109mm (~4.3")
Length:119mm (~4.7")
Height:40mm (~1.5")

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 2-5 days before shipping so these can be printed.

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