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Playing Card Holder

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Great for game nights! This playing card hider is good for those who have a tendency to accidentally show their cards, (Or to keep nosy people from seeing your cards!) as well as help those with disabilities have an easier time managing their cards. This hider will work with any card game with regular sized cards, including but not limited to: UNO, Exploding kittens, Munchkin, and many more!

We offer quantity discounts so you can give everyone who wants one a card hider at your game nights!

Product Dimensions:
Height: 133mm / 5 1/4"
Width: 197mm / 7 3/4"
Depth: 95mm / 3 3/4"

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 1-3 business days for the product to be printed before shipment.