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Pegboard Spacer Set

Pegboard Spacer Set

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Pegboard Size

These spacers are a fast and easy way to wall mount any standard sized pegboard. These spacers only occupy 2 holes each, and give a generous spacing of 3/4", enough to prevent any hangers or hooks from scratching up the wall. Each spacer features an alignment peg as well as a hole the size of the boards hole, which fits any standard sized construction screw easily.

Hole Diameter: 1/4" / 6mm
Hole Spacing 1" / 25mm Wall to Board Spacing: 3/4"
Quantity: 16 Spacers (4' x 4') 28 Spacers (4' x 8')
Material: Plastic

1. Line up each spacer on the pegboard vertically. Space 4 vertically, equal distance from each other. Do this every 16 Inches and/or on each stud in the wall, starting from the beginning holes.
2. (optional, but recommended) Affix the spacers to the board using glue, tape, or anything that will keep then in place while mounting the board to the wall. Make sure they are lined up to 2 vertical holes.
3. Using 3" or longer screws, screw the board to the wall, making sure to line up each vertical set of spacers with a wall stud.

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 1 business day before shipping so these can be printed.

Pictures do not accurately reflect the size of this product!

*Pegboard, Tools, Glue or Screws not included*

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