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3D Shape Engineering

Hyperboloid Pen / Pencil / Marker Holder Stand - NEW SIZES!

Hyperboloid Pen / Pencil / Marker Holder Stand - NEW SIZES!

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A perfect gift for any math teacher- the precisely oriented holes in this base direct 16 pencils to reveal a hyperboloid, the 3D surface traced by revolving a diagonal(skew) line, the outline of which is the conic section of the hyperbola. A doubly ruled surface for any desktop!

This stylish pen / pencil holder is a great way to store your writing utensils. New Sizes Available! We have 16 and 25 Pen / Pencil holders that accept any pen, pencil, hobby knife or tool that is 8.5mm or smaller in diameter. Additionally, we have a 16 Marker holder that can hold Sharpie and similar diameter Permanent Markers that is 12mm or smaller in diameter.


This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 1-3 business days for printing time before shipment.

Pictures do not accurately reflect the size of this product! Please check dimensions listed below to make sure that this product will fit.

*Pencils / Markers Not Included

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