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Caps Lock Lock - A caps lock lockout device for mechanical keyboards with raised switches

Caps Lock Lock - A caps lock lockout device for mechanical keyboards with raised switches

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Tired of accidentally hitting the caps lock key and looking dumb fOR DOING THIS? Let's face it, the caps lock key is pretty useless most of the time. For a while I just lived with the caps lock key cap removed from my keyboard. But that looks pretty dumb, so I decided enough was enough and came up with the idea of creating the Caps Lock Lock. (aka the Caps🔒🔒)

Easy to Use - The Caps Lock Lock is designed to slide between the base of the keyboard and the key cap. It has a small relief that allows it to lock in place, making it impossible to be pushed out accidentally when in use.

Compatible with most mechanical Keyboards - The Caps Lock Lock was designed to be used for keyboards with keys that are raised from the keyboard base, have typical shaped key caps, and that have no left hand macro keys. It works best with cherry switches or similar switches with a max travel of either ~6mm or ~4.5mm. It will work with most Corsair Keyboards, some Ducky models, Razer Blackwidow X/Elite, Razer Huntsman Elite and any other keyboards that meet the above attributes.

We now offer 2 different sizes. The 6mm size is made for Cherry MX switches, while the 4.5mm is suited for Razer Switches.

**We do not take any responsibility and are not liable for any damages incurred on equipment interfacing with our products due to and not limited to: Improper installation and / or incorrect fitting. We do our best to make sure our products are represented as accurately as possible. If there are any issues or incompatibilities not mentioned here in our listing, please feel free to reach out to us.

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 3-5 days before shipment for this product to be printed!

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