Black Friday Sales, Another Product Teaser, Planters & Pen Holders

Black Friday Sales, Another Product Teaser, Planters & Pen Holders

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Bonanza

Here is a short rundown of all of the sales that are taking place Black Friday through Cyber Monday:

  • All 3D Printer Parts, Electronics & Hardware Will be Marked Down (up to 40% off)
  • Additional $50 off our Slide Control Camera System
  • 10-20% off all 3D Printed Products

Planters & Pen Holders

We have a few new products that we have added to our Home & Office collection! A selection of 3 Small Planters and a 15 Pen Holder, made to take most pens, pencils and markers!

Small Planters - Great for Succulents!

These uniquely designed planters are great for small plants. We use these for our ever growing collection of succulents, but they could even be used for other types of small plants. (ie. Micro greens, herbs, aloe, flowers, etc.) Click Here to Buy Now!

15 Pen Holder - Great for Pens, Pencils & Permanent Markers!

This uniquely designed pen holder features 15 compartments that will fit pens and markers as thick as a Sharpie marker. Click Here to Buy Now!

Upcoming Product Teaser - Smartphone Camera Lens Clip

Coming Soon! We are releasing yet another Camera Accessory, this time for Smartphones. This system allows the user to attach 37mm threaded lenses and filters to their smartphone camera in order to improve their photos and videos.

Featured below is the Camera Lens Clip (with Optional Macro / Wide Lens) and some example photos. Join our mailing list below for more updates about this product and more products to come!

Smartphone Camera Lens Clip Teaser Photo

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