A Powerful Versatile
Motorized Camera Slider
For All Types Of Content Creators.

Capture stunning dolly shots, dynamic hyper lapses and insane rolling close ups quickly and easily with the Slide Control Camera System.

Slide Control Camera System (500mm - 1000mm)

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Introducing the

Heavy Duty, High Powered
Stepper Motor

Made from 3D Printed Plastics mated to an extruded aluminum channel, this slider is built to last. The stepper motor used to drive the camera slider plate can pull 5-6 pounds worth of camera on a vertical incline with ease.

Our sliders use a Nema 17 Stepper motor that can hold the camera in place when powered on. Fast enough to move a camera from one end to the other in 15 seconds, or slow enough to move that distance in 16 hours.

New! Two Sizes To Choose From!

Available Now! Now featuring a smaller 500mm Slider along with the 1000mm Slider. This half sized slider is more portable and easier to take on the go while running and gunning shooting video, timelapses & hyperlapses! Additional features and configurations will be available in the near future.

Take your video skills to the next level

Shoot Stunning Time-lapses & Hyper-lapses. Shoot professional Dolly Shots as well as Vertical, Horizontal or even Diagonal Panning Shots with ease!


Slider Travel Length: ~1000mm (39") or ~500mm (19")
Slider Plate Thread Size: 1/4"-20 x 6mm (Optional 1/4" to 3/8" adapter can be used to fit standard tripod heads)
Device Compatibility: Most DSLRs, Video Cameras, Smartphones & Action cameras
Maximum Rate of Speed: 62mm/s or 2.4”/s
Minimum Rate of Speed: 0.016mm/s or 0.0006”/s
Time to span entire length of slider: 15 seconds - 16 hours Slider Plate Weight Limit: 3-5 lbs or 2.25 kg
Power Source: 2x 18650 3.7v Lithium Batteries (Not Included)
What You get: Camera Slider Body, Electronics Module, Battery Case, 1/4" Female to 3/8" Male Thread Adapter
Made in the USA!