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Arris / Motorola Surfboard Modem Wall Board Mounting Bracket Kit

Arris / Motorola Surfboard Modem Wall Board Mounting Bracket Kit

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Tidy up your data / communication room easily with these mounting brackets! A clean, no frill solution to mounting networking equipment without factory mounting holes, these brackets are a great way to add a professional touch to your network solution.

This bracket set is compatible with standard sized SB8200, SBG7580-AC and sb6100 series Motorola / Arris Cable Modems (sb6120, sb6121, sb6141,sb6180, sb6183, sb6190) as well as some of the gateways in this form factor. This bracket will not fit smaller versions like the sb6182 without modifications. This bracket will also fit any square shaped hardware measuring <=52mm in height. These brackets are designed for mounting onto a wood board such as MDF, Plywood, etc. and comes with 8x 1/2" wood screws. If you intend to mount directly to drywall you will need to purchase a set of screws and anchors meant for mounting to drywall. This bracket set is designed with the modem models mentioned above and will not cause overheating due to improper ventilation. We cannot guarantee our product will not obstruct ventilation on other products or models not listed above.

Product details:
Hardware max height: 52mm (sb6100 series), 41mm (SB8200) or 58mm (SBG7580-AC)
Screw size: 1/2" Wood Screw
Quantities: 4 corner brackets, 8 wood screws

Made with extremely durable PLA plastic, these mounts will last for years to come!

This product is 3D Printed and made to order, please allow 1-3 days for processing before shipment.

**We do not take any responsibility and are not liable for any damages incurred on equipment interfacing with our products due to and not limited to: Improper installation and / or incorrect fitting. We do our best to make sure our products are represented as accurately as possible. If there are any issues or incompatibilities not mentioned here in our listing, please feel free to reach out to us.

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