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Smaller 500 mm slider available & more new products!

Posted by Michael Lynch on

Smaller 500 mm Slide Control Camera System

Slide Control Camera SystemAvailable Now! Now featuring a smaller 500 mm Slider along with the 1000 mm Slider. This half sized slider is more portable and easier to take on the go while running and gunning shooting video, timelapses & hyperlapses! Click Here to Buy Now!




Early December New Products

We have a bunch of new products, check them out below:

500mm & 1000mm Slide Control Camera System 
Large Hex Planter / Container
Tube Squeezer Tool
Vape Tank Stands
4 Pot Hex Planter
6mm Potentiometer / Encoder Knobs
3D Printer Heated Bed Swiss Clips

We also have more varieties of our Stanley Organizer Bins! (forgot to put them in the video.) Click here to check them out!