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Smartphone Camera 37mm Lens & Filter Clip Kit

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Looking to improve your smartphone photography or videography? This lens clip will allow you to attach 37 mm threaded lenses and filters onto any smartphone.

We have tested this adapter thoroughly with multiple phone models (iPhone Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, etc.) and have had the best luck using macro lenses, ND Filters, and Polarizing Filters. Using fish eye wide angle lenses do product a pretty aggressive vignette around the edges of the photo so we can't recommend that use them unless if you are willing to crop the image.

This product is 3D Printed in house, and assembled in the United States. We make these to order so please allow 1-3 business days of production time before shipping.

This kit has two different arms to fit different phone camera sensors. One has a 12 mm opening for smaller camera sensors, and the other has a 21 mm opening for larger camera sensors.

Easy to assemble and use
Choose the arm with the appropriate opening size for your smartphone, (Make sure to block out any opening from the back of the phone to prevent glare) and pop in the 37 mm adapter ring.
Then attach the arm to the Smartphone clip using the 1/4"-20 thumbscrew. (use the thread on the back of the clip)
Position the arm opening over the center of the camera sensor and tighten the thumbscrew.
Attach your preferred filter or lens, then go out and capture something awesome!

Kit Contents
-37 mm threaded ring adapter
-Phone Lens Clip with 2 1/4"-20 threads
-(2) ring adapter arms with 21 mm and 12 mm camera sensor openings
-1/4" 20 thumbscrew

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