Mechanical End Stop Limit Switch (6 Pack)

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Perfect for 3D printer and CNC projects. Mech Endstop v1.2 limit switch module designed by MakerBot and used on most RepRap machines today.

Each of these modules comes ready to go with a cable which plugs easily into RAMPS and many other control boards, no soldering required!

Product Details:
-Dimensions: 40mm x 16mm x 8mm (height measured from base of board without plug).
-Compatible with RepRap, Prusa, RAMPS, DuetWifi
-Cable length: about 70cm (27")
-Wire thickness: 22 AWG
-Quantity of switches and wires: 6

Red line connecting VCC (ramps of +)
Black wire connecting GND (ramps of -)
Green Line connecting SIGNAL (ramps in s)