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Large 11 mm Swiss Clips for 3D Printer Glass and Picture Hanging (4 pack)

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In our quest to find a way to securely mount a glass sheet to our 3D Printer beds without loosing too much space on the X and Y axis, we stumbled upon these clips. Even your standard small binder / bull clips can take up to 15-20 mm of bed space on each side they are attached to. These Swiss clips not only take up around 3-5 mm of bed space per side, but they also have a lower clearance which is great for clearing low profile hotend fan ducts. Works with any heated bed + glass sheet that is thinner than 11mm.

If your 3D printer bed is 220mm x 220mm and smaller we reccomend using one set (4 clips). If your bed is bigger, especially if it's sized 300mm x 350mm or larger, we recommend using at least 2 sets (8 clips).

And of course, you can also use these for picture frames too. :)

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