480-660 LED Light U bracket 90 Degree Angle Bracket Kit (2 Pack)

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Unable to properly angle your LED Lighting? These angle brackets will rotate the LED's U bracket 90 degrees, giving your LED lighting more clearance to angle downwards.

You will need a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the stock screws and install the existing and new screws to the angle bracket mount.

This product is 3D Printed with PETG Black plastic and made to order. We ship out orders 1 business day after purchase. (National holidays may affect shipping times.)

Product Details:
Hole spacing: 32mm
Hole / Thread Size: M5 (5mm)
Color: Black
Bracket Material: PETG Plastic
Weight Limit: 6 lbs (2.7kg)

Comes with:
2 3D Printed 90 degree angle brackets
4 M5 Stainless Steel (Silver) 10mm button head screws
4 m5 nuts (pre-installed)

Compatible with these and similar models:
-Neewer Metal Bi-color Dimmable 660 LED Video Light
-Neewer Metal Bi-color Dimmable 480 LED Video Light
-GVM LED Video Light 520
-GVM LED Video Light 480LS