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3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless USB Adapter Holder / Protector Ring

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I recently received my first 3D Mouse in the mail, a 3Dconnexion Spacemouse Wireless. It helps speed up my 3D design workflow tremendously, but an issue I saw with it is that whenever you are transporting it to a different workstation, there is no place in the included case to securely store the USB Dongle / Adapter. This ring fits snugly over the Spacemouse Wireless's control knob, and features a cutout on the side to seat the dongle securely. This ring will allow you to properly secure the dongle in the carrying case included with the Spacemouse Wireless during travel.

This USB Adapter Ring is printed with high strength ABS plastic, and is available in 9 different colors.

Supported Models: 3DX-700046, 3DX-700066

This product is 3D Printed and made to order. Please allow 3-5 business day before shipping so these can be printed.

Pictures do not accurately reflect the size of this product!

*Space Mouse wireless, USB adapter / dongle & carrying case not included*

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