Compression Springs for Extruder, Heated Bed and GT2 Belts (20 Pack)

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We offer 3 different types of Springs for multiple applications, including 3D Printers. These springs are super durable and have been tested to last in high heat / vibration environments. Our springs are made with high strength spring steel and can withstand a high load.

6mm Torsion locking Springs for GT2 Belts
Product Details:
Great for adding tension to a GT2 6mm type belt for X and Y Axis belts on most 3D Printers. These torsion springs are very strong to ensure that belt slack is reduced.
Spring hole diameter : 3 mm
Wire diameter : 1.0 mm
Quantity: 20 pieces

20mm Ultimaker 3D Printer Springs
Product Details:
Wire Diameter: 1.2 mm
Outside Diameter (OD): 7.5 mm
Inner Diameter (ID): 5 mm
Height: 20 mm
Active Coils: 9
Quantity: 20 pieces
Useful for: Ultimaker Extruder Spring Replacement, DIY Projects.

15mm Springs
Product Details:
Wire Diameter:1.2mm
Outside Diamter: 9.2mm
Height: 15mm
Active Coils: 5
Quantities: 20 pieces
Useful for: Bed leveling, Extruder Spring.